550 Trackside Wedding :: Tierra + John :: with Alex

Tierra + John’s 550 Trackside wedding in Lawrenceville, GA has got to be one of the sweetest we’ve ever been able to capture!  Our couples remind us, every day, how grateful we are to be a part of these HUGE moments in their lives!  We caught up with Tierra and here’s what she had to say about their perfect day:

“I was calm all day and I remember getting extremely nervous right before I walked down the aisle. As I started walking (briskly) towards the aisle, my dad whispered for me to “slow down” and gripped my arm a little tighter. At that moment, I looked up and saw John smiling back at me. Having the two men I love both looking at me and holding my hand instantly calmed my nerves. It was such a surreal moment. 

“It was that feeling you get when you place the final piece of a puzzle together…completion, reassurance, love, bliss. I don’t remember seeing anyone else in the room, only John. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

“Alex was amazing to work with. We previously had our engagement session with him, as well, and used that as an opportunity to become familiar with his shooting style. He’s very detail oriented (which I love). He made sure every detail was perfect during each shot.”

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