Abenaqui Country Club New Hampshire Wedding :: Megan + Tyler :: With Graham

Megan + Tyler met during their last couple months of college at The University of New Hampshire. Even though Megan was seeing someone else when they first met the two hit it off right away, and she quickly ended that to pursue a relationship with Tyler! Since college, this couple has been inseparable and they have bonded over their love of travel and each other. Before they were married Megan said that they “both agree our life together started a long time ago and our wedding day is just a way to steal his last name.”

Megan + Tyler got married at the Abenaqui Country Club in Rye Beach that is known for its ethereal elegance and gorgeous woodlands. This amazing location was the cherry on top of a perfect day for these newlyweds! We hope you enjoy your new last name, Megan!

Congratulations Megan + Tyler! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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