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Hey! I’m Desirea one of the Pacific NW team photographers! My photography background begins in 2001 when I stepped foot into a classroom with a Nikon loaded with film. I studied photojournalism and fine art photography with an obsession to see other’s stories and to create new ones. I have been a professional photographer for over thirteen years traveling with my camera through the U.S. and 21 countries (and counting). I’m still obsessed with seeing other’s stories.

When I am photographing couples I really focus on seeing their story. I see it in the hushes and pauses, I see it in the slightly cracked smile and the hands entwined, I see it in the way two people hold one another and breathe each other in. I see your story and I look for more. More of those moments that will be memories your mind travels back to when someone asks “won’t you tell me about one of those days that meant everything to you?” I want to capture those timeless and authentic moments that you want to remember for a lifetime!

When I am not behind the camera you can find me in my garden trying to plant or pick new fruits and veggies! I also would consider myself a self-proclaimed foodie with a hearty appetite for cereal! I would love the opportunity to capture some of the most important moments in your life!


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