Our Colorado photographer extraordinaire Michele (with one ‘L’!) is not only an unbelievable talent behind the camera, but she’s also one of the sweetest, most professional people you will ever meet. A few things to know about Michele:

She loves writing and is mildly obsessed with grammar…her alter ego is Grammar Princess (it’s even trademarked!).

She collects camera lenses the same way some girls collect shoes, and she strongly believes that no shoot is complete until she’s climbed on top of something.

Michele loves to shoot everything from high school seniors to couples, but her favorite favorite is weddings. She loves a bride in cowboy boots!

Michele loves coffee, Photoshop, and Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, not necessarily in that order. No, actually, definitely in that order.

She loves to surprise her family with secret vacations, where she doesn’t tell them where they are going, only what to pack (SO much fun…Michele, can you plan a secret vacation for us?!?)

Michele loves to travel, and she’s slightly addicted to Instagram. Speaking of vacations, she’s been known to plan complete vacations based entirely on Instagram posts.

She loves the mountains AND the beach. Her favorite vacation spot is Kauai, but she could also spend weeks on the Oregon coast and exploring the California Redwoods. Contact us to meet Michele today!




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