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Hey Illinois, Alicia B. here! I'm so thrilled to be a part of Once Like A Spark's incredible team of artists. My style is best described as a mix of photojournalistic and modern photography styles. I document details and people in candid ways throughout the day and also will gently guide individuals and the couple into the best lighting and poses. I love natural light and try to use it whenever possible, which gives my photos a bright and ethereal feeling. I try to stay away from cliché poses and strive to create more natural experiences for the couple. I am kind and easygoing and will be a calming presence throughout your wedding day. I want people to feel comfortable in front of the camera and work with couples to get natural photos. I’m not the bossy photographer that controls your day, I’m the wallflower that will capture all the moments. I try to be as quiet and low key as possible during the ceremony and I’m also not afraid to get on the dance floor to get the best photos at the reception. My aspirations are that the photos from your wedding day tell the story of the day. I love photography and love that each wedding is a unique opportunity for me to create.



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