Athens, GA Wedding at The Thompson House & Gardens :: Marci + Eric :: with Shain

How would you describe the overall vibe/feeling of your day? 
Overall the day was great! I felt loved, important, and most importantly I got to marry my best friend! I was surrounded by my closest friends the entire day and I most definitely could not have made it through the day without them! And of course, the support from my family made me feel loved!
Was there a moment of your day that stands out the most? 
One of my favorite moments was when Eric and I went outside to take pictures later in the night. It was just us, alone, and I was able to appreciate that time together. I was able to breathe and appreciate how great the entire day had been.
What part of your day would you love to relive, over and over again?
Although getting married was a job in itself, I would relive the entire day all over again because, for me, it turned out better than expected!
What does it feel like to finally be married?

Honestly, not much has changed! BUT, I am so happy to be married to Eric and he is who I get to make forever memories and traditions with and for that, I am thankful! He truly is my best friend!

How would you describe your experience with OLAS?

Our experience with OLAS was wonderful! There was not one time I questioned their job. Everyone made me feel as if we were important and our day was just as important as someone else’s big day. Shain was the absolute BEST! I feel like he fit in with our crowd and we met a forever friend!

Congratulations, Marci + Eric!  xoxo, The OLAS Team

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