Atlanta Botanical Gardens Engagement Session :: Gabrielle + Billy :: with Tyler

We asked Gabrielle to tell us about hers and Billy’s love & proposal story, and let me just say… it is SUPER cute!! We are so happy for you two!

“Our story began when Billy and I met in October 2011 through a mutual friend at St. John Neumann Church in Lilburn. Neither of us realized where we would be now. Both of us became busy with school so we didn’t speak for a bit, but once we started talking on a regular basis and seeing each other more in person, we became inseparable. Our relationship has mostly been long distance, however, we make every effort to see each other and make one another feel special. Further into our relationship, both of us realized that we wanted to be each other’s forever. One of my favorite memories from our relationship was when Billy kissed me in the rain after I said that I have always wanted to do that.

For different milestones in our relationship, there has always been music involved. When Billy asked me to be his girlfriend in 2012, he changed some of the lyrics to “Call Me Maybe.” I remember thinking how cute and sweet he was for doing this. A bit into our relationship, Billy wrote me a poem in which he told me he wanted us to be forever. This day is forever in my memory and heart because of how heartfelt his words were. For the official proposal, he was so nervous that he told me about 30 minutes before he was about to propose what he had planned. That didn’t make the proposal any less special though. Billy picked three songs that went with each year of our relationship that we danced to and at the end he proposed to me.”

“Love is a song that never ends.” ~ Bambi

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