Atlanta Botanical Gardens Engagement Shoot :: Christy + Nick :: with Greta

Christy + Nick keep each other laughing and share such a sweet, happy life together already.  Capturing them during this time of engagement was a total joy and we’re so excited to share a few of our favorites on the blog today.  Between super busy work schedules these two make each other a priority and carve out time to be together.  Plus, they have a hilarious love story!

“When I set up my Facebook account in 2004, I used the name Irwin Fletcher because I liked the Chevy Chase character from the movie Fletch. […] When I signed up for tinder in 2016, it linked my Facebook name (Irwin F.) to my tinder account and made that my name. My now fiancé, Nick Irwin, was scrolling through, saw a pretty girl named Irwin and asked if that was her real first name as it was his real last name. We hit it off, met up for a date at Umi in Atlanta and have been together ever since.”

What a trip!  Six months later, they moved in together and they’ve since bought a gorgeous home near Atlanta and recently got engaged!  Christy said she had a feeling it was coming when Nick asked if she wanted to eat at Umi, where they had their first date.  We’re SO thrilled she said yes because we can’t wait for their wedding in just a couple of months at Wahoo Grill!  We already know it’s going to be a favorite 2018 wedding.

Congratulations, Christy + Nick!!  xoxo, The OLAS Team


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