Atlanta Engagement Session at Cator Woolford Gardens :: Lacadia + Tevin :: with Alex

“We met our freshman year in high school,  in gym class of all places. Unbeknownst to me, Tevin already knew my name three days before we officially met. From then on Tevin and I were great friends, but he always saw the vision for our future. 

In Sophomore year, Tevin professed his feelings for me…and I told him that I wasn’t ready for a relationship. If you ask Tevin, I denied him 9 times. However, I would say three truthfully. He asked to date me twice more junior year. One time before prom, and one more time after. I remember sitting on the picnic bench outside of my house, the sincerity in his voice, and the love in his eyes. I said no out of fear and a leftover broken heart from someone else. I did know deep in my heart that if we were meant to be, we would find our way back to each other.

Fast forward to our freshman year of college. I decided to go to The University of Georgia as a Psychology major. Tevin went to Georgia State University as a Marketing major. We were both single and still the best of friends. Tevin decided to visit me for my birthday in September. I walked down the stairs to the parking lot outside of my dorm and saw his handsome face smiling from ear to ear. His only dimple completely indented. I took him on a tour of gorgeous, and historic North Campus. We walked through Herty Field and drank nectar from honeysuckle in the Founders Memorial Garden. We found a hammock next to a dining hall and stayed out there until the sun went down talking about school and life. 

We had many other visits and Skype dates throughout the year. Summer rolled around and we were back in town. Tevin planned a special dinner for us at Oceanaire. After dinner, Tevin asked me if I would do him the honor of being his girlfriend. I was ecstatic and actually said yes this time! We have been together for six years now. Ups, downs, and everything in between we made it work because we were in total commitment to the legacy we were building. 

On July 4th in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (we were on a cruise) Tevin proposed. We are embarking on a new part of this journey together and we are so excited to solidify our life together.”

Congratulations, Lacadia + Tevin!!  xoxo, The OLAS Team

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