Atlanta Wedding at Dekalb Historic Courthouse :: Josh + Kim :: with Shain

“About seven years ago, we met as neighbors in the Virginia Highlands. Josh lived in the apartment below Kim and we both were asked to pet sit our neighbor’s fish. Josh started the conversation that way and Kim quickly asked for his Wifi code. We started developing a relationship as friends. We actually hung out a great deal in a group of four at the beginning. Kim and her good friend, Allison were spending a lot of time together and Josh and his best friend, Darrell were living together while Darrell was temporarily in town from LA. Things just clicked. Allison and Darrell are now married and started their relationship a little bit before us. After months of hanging out and long conversations late into the night, we became a couple on Halloween of 2011. Things moved fast from that point on, until Kim got a job offer at an auction house in Iowa, about six months after we became a couple. Always encouraging the other’s professional pursuits, Kim moved to Iowa and thus started about a year of distance dating. It was hard but we worked to keep the relationship going and strong. A year later, Kim moved back to Atlanta and moved in with Josh. From there, it’s been a lot of everyday fun and romance–hiking, cooking, traveling, movies, bars, trivia nights, etc. We’ve supported each other through a lot–different jobs, going back to grad school and most recently, a move to Portland, Oregon, where Josh accepted a data science position at Nike. Now, we’re exploring the Pacific Northwest, learning the ins and outs of a new city, and starting a new chapter in our professional lives with Josh’s work at a new company for him and Kim starting her own fine art and antiques appraisal business.”

Congratulations, Josh + Kim! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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