Atlanta Wedding at Monday Night Garage :: Kelly + Wesley :: with Rebekah

“We met 15 years ago at a Christmas gathering while we were both involved in other relationships. He was good friends with my brother so we would run into each other from time to time. Fast forward to five years ago: I was on vacation with my family in the area where Wesley was living, and my brother and I decided we needed to go find some trouble to get into so we rousted Wesley and went out. Long story short – I threw up on his shoes that night and he fell in love with me. About 8 months later we ran into each other again in our hometown which is when he decided to chase me. After a few months of texts and phone calls, he came to visit me in Atlanta and we were both hooked. We dated long distance for almost a year before he moved here to Atlanta. It’s been the best decision either of us ever made.”

We’re so thrilled to say that after all of their adventures, Kelly + Wesley are MARRIED!! And their wedding was one heck of a good time at Monday Night Garage in Atlanta. Scroll down to see a few sneak peeks from their day…

Congratulations, Kelly + Wesley!! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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