Ball Ground, GA Wedding at Hawks Ridge :: Lacy + Jason :: With Greta

We are SO honored to have been a part of Lacy + Jason’s wedding day, for so many reasons.  These two share a bond that is so special and has grown over many years and through many seasons.  Through high school, college years, careers, and more… these two have been the best of friends through so much.  Finally, their deep and honest friendship grew into something more romantic – they deeply loved each other.  And it’s SO apparent how intimate and deep their love is.  These two, who began as best friends, are bound for the romantic heights and we’re so grateful that we were able to capture the beginning of this new season for them.

So many elements of their wedding and reception were so special but we were especially captured by how beautifully they incorporated memorial items, decor, and keepsakes for their daughter who recently passed in the months before their wedding.  We’re so touched by how they honored her with physical elements and also in honoring her presence through such joy and celebration!  We can’t say it enough – we’re so, so grateful to have been a part of this beautiful day.  These two are bound for the romantic heights and we wish them all of the love and light in the world!

Congratulations, Lacy + Jason!!  xoxo, The OLAS Team


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