Bearskin Neck and Good Harbor Beach Engagement Shoot :: Erin + Keith :: with Graham

Keith + Erin are getting married next year and while we can’t wait to shoot their wedding… we’re SO excited to share some of our favorite shots from their engagement session!  Graham really captured the playful and loving relationship that these two share with each other.

How they met:

“Keith and I worked together in the English Department for 3 years at Suffolk University. I was a student-employee and Keith ran the office. We became friends and had a playful, flirtatious relationship, but kept it professional. He was my superior and a little older than me- I thought he was out of my league. Once it came

Once it came time that Keith was moving on from the job, a group of the employees went out to dinner to see him off. I was dreading saying goodbye, as there was a good chance I’d never see him again. Earlier that week, I had been giving a friend a pep-talk to get the courage to finally ask someone out that she had been crushing on forever. I realized I was being a giant hypocrite. If Keith said no, well okay then, move on, but if he says yes, I’ll get everything I’ve ever wanted! I half-way chickened out and couldn’t do it face-to-face. At the end of dinner, I sent Keith a long rambling text, apologizing it if was awkward, and professed my crush on him. I asked him out while he was sitting right next to me. He glanced at his phone, didn’t read the text, and put his phone away. I promptly panicked and tried to rush everyone out of the restaurant. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough! Keith waited an uncomfortably long time to respond to the text, and I had convinced myself it was over. An hour later, he responded, “Totally not awkward and totally reciprocated” We had our first date a couple weeks later and have been attached at the hip every since. I knew on our second date that we had the potential for something really, really great. We have been together for 5 1/2 years now and I could not imagine a more loving, respectful, fun and playful relationship.”

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