Birch Wood Vineyards Wedding :: Kelly + Jeremiah :: with Graham

“As for our wedding day, it was so perfect. It was everything we had imagined and more. The emotions of the wedding day are something indescribable. We both agreed we would like to re-live the entire day over and over again in slow motion so that we could soak in every last moment. One of our favorite memories was finding a quiet moment to ourselves before the reception to appreciate each other and the beautiful experience of just having said our “I do’s”.  It was the best day of our lives and something we had been dreaming about since high school. The feeling of every person you care about, surrounding you with love and excitement, is very surreal and humbling. I cried…a lot! I wish I could listen to his vows on repeat…ha ha. The goal of the day was to be fun and full of love and we both feel we 100% captured that!
Married life is so boring, now that the chaos of wedding planning is behind us! All joking aside, we are more in love than ever. Marriage is a deeper love, full of commitment, support, compromise, and understanding. Now onto planning our honeymoon in Thailand!”
Congratulations, Kelly + Jeremiah!  xoxo, The OLAS Team
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