Bodega Bay, CA Wedding at The Secret Garden :: Alicia + Buckley :: With Cassie

Alicia + Buckley met when they were paired together for a project at UC Davis. Even though Alicia said that she ended up doing most of the work, they bonded over their Breaking Bad addictions and love for food! These two are lucky, because not many people can say that a group project brought them the love of their life!

Their wedding at The Secret Garden was completely romantic! Being surrounded by all of that greenery while they said their “I do’s” was absolutely breathtaking! There is so much about this wedding to love, but we wanted to hear from the bride and groom what their favorite moments were…

Q: Tell us about your wedding!  How would you describe the overall vibe/feeling of your day?  Anything special that you planned and couldn’t wait to see come together?

A: “The wedding was so fun! Everyone was so laid back and happy about everything. There was so much love and friendship in the air.”

Q: Is there a moment that stands out above the rest, now that you’ve been married for a few weeks?

A: “The moment when I actually got to see Buckley all dressed up and waiting for me, it was the moment where everything, all the planning, the stress, the time and effort, just hit and made everything worth it.”

Q: What’s your favorite thing that you decided to include or spend money on? 

A: “My guest globes that my cousin so graciously created for us. We have them displayed throughout the house and they’re so fun to look at.”

Q: What did you love most about working with OLAS?

A: “Everything was so easy! Everyone was so nice and helpful and genuinely felt excited for me and Buckley. That was a really nice feeling to have.”

Q: How, if at all, are you incorporating elements from your wedding into your home or everyday life?  Anything special that you’re excited to keep for years to come? 

A: “Our guest globes are part of our decoration now, and the card suitcase that my aunt made for us sits prominently in the living room. Most of our elements were picked because its something that Buckley and i really like, not just whats trendy–like the zombie cake topper!”

Q: What does it feel like to finally be married?

A: “It feels really nice. We are definitely still in the “honeymoon” phase where we are super giddy about everything “married,” but its so calming to know that I get to come home to my best friend every night. Now we get to get ready for the next fun part in the wedding experience–honeymoon!!”

Congratulations Alicia + Buckley! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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