Borderland State Park Engagement Session :: Erin + Nick :: with Alyssa S.

“Nick and I met when we were 17 at our high school job and started dating not long after. We grew up together and that has really made our relationship strong.

We had talked about marriage in the past few years and knew we would be getting engaged, I just had no idea when! We planned a trip for February 2018 to go to Jamaica and Nick had a whole plan (and told all my family and friends!) to propose there. Unfortunately, I got sick and we had to reschedule our trip!

Nick improvised the first day I was starting to feel better. We were home at our apartment and he told me I had to go into the spare room because he had a surprise for me. I had no idea what was going on but went along with it. He comes back a while later in a nice outfit and told me I could come out (I was still in my p.j.’s!). He had a bunch of flowers all over our living room and then when I turned he was down on one knee. While I may have thrown a monkey wrench in his plan it was still perfect.

We can’t wait to get married next October!”

Congratulations, Erin + Nick! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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