Boston Engagement Shoot :: Brittany + Vladimir :: with Graham

Brittany + Vlad’s wedding has been a long time comin’!  We’re SO excited for their wedding next year but our excitement can’t touch their own… read their love story, below:

“At the end of Summer 2010, when both Brittany and Vlad started their sophomore years of college, an introduction by a friend led to what would become the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

After a month of endless text message conversations, phone calls that lasted late into the night, and skype calls, Vlad made the first of many (hundreds) of 87-mile trips to Milwaukee to meet. They went on a few more dates and on October 30th, Vlad asked Brittany to be his girlfriend while on a date to the zoo. A few months later, on the top of the Sears Tower, he told her he loved her, and their fate was sealed.

Over the course of the next year three years, Brittany and Vladimir traveled the 87-mile journey between Marquette (her university) and the University of Illinois at Chicago (his) every weekend they could. They traveled to Boston to meet her family and spent every summer together splitting their time between Milwaukee and Chicago. After three years, over 5000 miles on Greyhound and Amtrak trips, and two university degrees, they moved to Boston and got their first apartment in Malden.

Of course, at this point, the questions started: “You’ve been together forever. When are you getting married?” Each question had them shaking their heads and saying “When we are ready.” They had plans first.

In August of 2015, they bought their first home together. People asked “Now?” and they responded, not yet. The summer of 2015 also brought Brittany starting her graduate school and still people asked, “Now?” and still, not yet.

August 2016 brought them to one of their greatest adventures together: Australia. Here, everyone assumed they’d come home with a ring but instead, they brought their memories, a boomerang, and a koala (Just kidding, although Vlad did try).

In April of 2017, they left the country once again and traveled to London, Brittany’s favorite place. While here, Brittany thought the greatest part of the trip was going to be seeing the Queen (which was pretty awesome), but she was wrong. On April 19, 2017, Vlad surprised Brittany with a trip to another tall building, the tallest in Europe. At the top of the Shard, Vlad got down on one knee and finally, the girl who waited long enough didn’t have to wait anymore.”

Congratulations, Brittany + Vlad!!  xoxo, The OLAS Team

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