Boston + New England Wedding Photographer :: David

Meet David – a self-proclaimed nerd with an artistic soul whose photos will leave you swooning! He’s a “go-getter” and hasn’t ever met a photographic challenge he didn’t like and want to master. His passions span beyond just photography though, as he actually started as a web designer for a few different startups before pursuing his photo career. 

When he’s not busy capturing gorgeous moments, David loves painting (with spray paint!). When left alone too long he’s been known to get a little wild and spray paint random items around the house, including for instance, the frame of his new flatscreen TV…(thankfully he’s a total sweetie so his wife eventually forgave him!). ; ) He’s also a big online gaming fan, and Rocket League is the current game of choice.

Between photography, art, gaming and film, David basically has an eye for all things creative. Oh, and he loves 70s and 80s movies (horror and George Romero films in particular!). David’s a big kid at heart and we know you will love getting to know him!


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