Brasstown Valley Wedding :: Molly + Ben :: with Debbie N.

 “She was 45 minutes late. He had a beard that could have been on Duck Dynasty. Not exactly a start from a classic love tale, but a start none the less. However, the greatest things in life aren’t always how they are imagined.

That first date should have let us know how our relationship and life together would develop. Not as planned, but better than we could have dreamed. A life together full of laughter and fun with the next surprise and adventure right around the corner.

Flash forward a couple years and we find ourselves on a chilly December night, Molly having worked late, our dinner plans out at our favorite restaurant were pushed later in the evening. After dinner, as we walked back to the car through the streets lit with Christmas lights, we stopped at the gazebo for a photo. It was after the first photo that Ben turned as a smile came across his face. One knee later, the rest was history.” 

Molly + Ben’s wedding was everything we could’ve imagined and so much more!!  We’re SO happy that these two are finally married!  Scroll down to see a few of our favorite photos from their best day ever…

Congratulations, Molly + Ben!  xoxo, The OLAS Team


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