Brooklyn Engagement Session :: Priscilla + Adam :: with Lauryn

“Over five years ago, Adam caught a glance of Priscilla across a crowded ballroom at a large
fundraiser attended by one-thousand guests. Immediately, when she caught his eye, he
thought she was the most beautiful girl that he had ever seen. For Adam, it was love at first
sight. It took Priscilla a little while longer though to feel the same way.
At first, Priscilla and Adam were just friends, working in the same profession together while also
both being full-time college students. However, quickly they realized there was something
more between them. Six months after they first met each other, Adam and Priscilla went on
their first date, the Friday after Thanksgiving. A week later they shared their first kiss. And after
that, they became inseparable, recognizing that what they shared was special and quickly
falling in love with each other. Bonding over similar interests, likes, and goals, they soon
realized that they were meant to be together, making that fateful encounter the beginning of a
long and exciting journey.
After four years of dating, Adam proposed at the opening night of Canarsie Christmas House
display in Brooklyn. Every year, Adam spends six consecutive weekends and volunteers over
150 hours putting up decorations, mounting figures, and stringing lights for the display. A crowd
of 3,500 people were in the audience for the annual community holiday event. Adam was called
onto the stage, who then asked Priscilla to join him before he got down on one knee and asked
her to marry him to resounding applause and cheers. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who
was scheduled to speak at the event, graciously waited so that Adam could propose first,
although, many attendees felt that Adam’s genuine and romantic profession of adoration for
his beloved stole the show.
The couple chose to have their engagement photoshoot in Brooklyn Bridge Park, with the
Manhattan skyline as a backdrop because Priscilla and Adam were both born and raised in
Brooklyn met and started dating there, and have never lived anywhere else. In their photos,
they wished to highlight the beauty and brilliance in the only borough they have ever called

Congratulations, Priscilla + Adam!  xoxo, The OLAS Team

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