Burlington, MA Wedding at St. Agnes Parish + Burlington Marriott :: Rose + Kyle :: with Alyssa S.

“In September of 2012, I began working in Cambridge. I worked with Caitlyn (who is Kyle’s sister-in-law). I became very close and good friends with Caitlyn that year and halfway through the year she was saying how I have to meet her brother in law Kyle. January of 2013 he joined the Army and went off to boot camp. When he came home in June, Caitlyn was talking with her brother-in-law Kyle and was telling him he needs to meet me. Later in the month, he sent me a Facebook message. We went back and forth in conversation. I then gave him my phone number and we began texting back and forth. On June 30, 2013, we went on our first date and met at the Burlington Tavern. We talked for hours!! When the date was over he walked me to my car, hugged me goodbye, and said we should do this again! I was anxiously awaiting his next message. That night he sent me a message and we planned our next date. We have been dating since! Every year on our first date anniversary of June 30th we bring it back to where it all began to the Burlington Tavern. This year on our 4 year anniversary, Kyle took me to the Burlington Tavern for our annual dinner, a little bit earlier this time. We ate dinner and then went to our favorite spot, Castle Island in South Boston, to get an “ice cream.” We walked out to the pier where we always go and stand. It was there that he proposed to me! He took me back to my house where both our families were gathered and surprised us! Our wedding date [was on] our 5 year anniversary.”

Congratulations, Rose + Kyle!  xoxo, The OLAS Team


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