Cambridge, MA Wedding :: Jill + Hasan :: With Graham

Jill + Hasan met after he saw a picture of of Jill on Facebook and begged their mutual friend to introduce them! She introduced them at at Christmas party and they both lit up when their eyes met for the first time! They have been together ever since and they have been able to discover so many new and exciting things about each other!

Their wedding day was an intimate affair with their friends and family that was filled with beautiful flowers, great music, laughter, amazing food, dancing, and most importantly love! Their wedding party, which consisted of the most adorable flower girls and ring bearer, brought a heightened sense of happiness and excitement throughout the day! The love that Jill + Hasan share is undeniable and they are so lucky to be able to share it with such great friends and family!

Congratulations Jill + Hasan!! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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