Clarkston, GA Wedding :: Mary + Anthony :: with Hannah R.

“I was completely surprised with how many of our family members and friends jumped in to make sure our wedding day went well. Anthony and I are big on community and so many of our community members helped with the flowers, cake, music and set up. They made sure that everything matched our personality. I would relive the moment we saw each other for the first time. We were overcome with so many emotions but overall joy. Anthony is a person that I can laugh with at all times. Seeing his smile sent electricity throughout my body. I am happy that we included communion in our ceremony. We love Jesus and we were grateful to share our love for the Lord with others. I would also relive our reception. Everyone had a good time and you could not keep people off the dance floor. Married life has been wonderful. Marriage, in my opinion, is 98% communication so I am glad we know how to communicate with each other.  Lol. It has been a joy learning new things about my husband. I am looking forward to the many new adventures we will have that will bring laughter and joy into our lives.”

Congratulations, Mary + Anthony!!  xoxo, The OLAS Team


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