Concord, MA Wedding :: Avery + Kevin :: with Graham

We think there’s just something so neat about a backyard wedding.  For Avery + Kevin, Avery’s parents’ backyard was the PERFECT venue for their wedding!!  We could say so much about these two, their playful and sweet love for one another… but Avery did a pretty darn good job herself!  Keep reading to hear more about what made their best day ever so special and unique… 


Tell us about your wedding day… how did it feel for the day to finally arrive and to see all of your planning come together?   

As excited as we were for the wedding day itself, we were most looking forward to the larger goal – being married.  Our only priorities for the day were making sure that all of our friends and family had a ton of fun (we hear they did!!), and of course, making sure that we were actually going to be legally married at the end of the day.  We were overwhelmed with the happiness that comes with seeing all those you love gathered in one place to celebrate, and having everyone by our side throughout the wedding weekend was undoubtedly the greatest gift we will ever receive in our lifetime.  We have our whole lives to look forward to, but it was really incredible to have that day to kickstart this new stage in our lives, and we could not have possibly been more happy, excited, and relaxed.
Is there a moment that stands out above the rest?  
Every moment was special in its own way, but two really stand out.  Just before we walked down the aisle, my sister (and maid of honor) could see that we were getting antsy and she asked me if there was a song she could put on the speakers to calm our nerves.  One of my bridesmaids suggested “Lose Yourself” and my sister threw it on – suddenly we and the entire wedding party went full maniac mode, shouting these lyrics in my parents’ kitchen and getting ourselves totally amped up while the guests are waiting unsuspectingly at the other end of the house listening to nice acoustic guitar tunes.  It was hilarious and so unexpected.  Of course just a minute later we were processing down the aisle like nothing had happened, so it was great to have that crazy moment with our wedding party just before and get all that adrenaline OUT!
The other moment is when we got to play with the band during the reception.  We are both musicians and we love playing together, so it was perfect when our band offered to let us do a song with them.  We covered “All the Small Things” by blink-182 because we both shamelessly love 90s/00s pop punk, and it’s actually a love song – perfect for a wedding!  Kevin actually got himself a guitar just so he could learn this song, and Avery made sure that her dress would allow her to be comfortable on the drum set.  We knew that even if we didn’t sound great, plenty of folks would know the song and be able to get into it, but we absolutely did not expect everyone from my generation and our parents’ generation alike to storm the dance floor and jump up and down scream-singing the lyrics while we played!  We had a ton of fun, and it was so cool to see all the guests getting into it.
What did you love most about your photographer?
Graham was very efficient and got through the “posed” shots with tons of time to spare.  This allowed our family members to get to enjoy the cocktail hour and also afforded the two of us the flexibility to explore the farm across the street and get some additional couples shots in areas that Graham had spotted on his drive up to the wedding.  It was great to see his creativity at work!
What’s your favorite thing that you decided to include, spend money on, etc.? 
Honestly, it would probably be the AC system in the tent.  July 1st was so hot and humid, and having 250 people boiling inside a hot tent while dancing would have been absolutely miserable.  We really wanted to prioritize guest comfort and happiness, and I think that this was the single best “investment” of the day.
What did it feel like to finally be married?
It feels amazing – we are thrilled to begin this new stage in our lives without having to think about the logistics of making a wedding come together!  While not much has changed in our day-to-day life since getting married, marriage means so much to both of us and it feels so great to have taken this leap with each other.  Someone asked us if we were “sad that the wedding is over” and we thought that was a terribly silly question – the way we see it, the wedding was a hell of a good time and an immensely meaningful memory but it’s only going to get better from here.  Can’t wait!

Congratulations, Avery + Kevin!! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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