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My DJ Style

I’m a hands on DJ. Very energetic and engaging with my crowds. I like to create an accurate soundtrack based upon the preferences of the client and also put my twist & personality with it. My overall goal when I DJ a wedding is to create a celebratory experience which the couples and attendees will never forget.

About Me

My experience as a wedding DJ ranges from engagement parties in intimate settings all the way to elaborate and upscale weddings. What I love about partnering with couples is that I’m able to deliver an experience that coincides with what often is a lifelong dream of my couples. I really do enjoy the faces of family and friends, playing their song requests, and even unique ways in which I get to incorporate my charm & humor throughout the night. Weddings are a true cause for celebration and it’s worth it every single time!

Equipement I use

2 EV ZLX 15′ PA
2 Harbinger V2300 12′
2 EV ZLX subs 12′
2 Mackbook Pros
20 uplights
1 Gobo Monogram
Smoke Machine
Strobe Lights & Dancefloor Lighting
Cordless and wired microphones
2 Mixers

My favorite part is when the bride makes her way to the altar. I fight back tears every single time! It is such a special part that I do everything humanly possible to make sure that it is perfectly executed.

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do I get to choose my DJ?

You get to choose your DJ with most packages! If you’re unsure, go back to the email I sent and check out the portfolios of some of the amazing DJ’s available for your wedding day.

What is the usual amount of reception coverage?

We include 5 hours of coverage in EVERY package and know from experience that it is the perfect amount of time to take you from first dance, to send off. Extra hours are available if you want to keep the party going!

Can I guarantee they can play my requests?

Before your wedding we make sure to have all your requests available to play with our planning questionnaire, AND we support on-site song requests as long as your venue has available WIFI connection! 

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