Duxbury Beach Engagement Session :: Katie + Dave :: with Alyssa W.

Katie + Dave are getting hitched!! We absolutely love this session at Duxbury beach! We asked these two about their proposal story & it’s seriously cute! Dave and Katie were cooking dinner & Katie had decided to take a quick shower, afterwards she proceeded to throw up her unbrushed, soaking wet hair in the messiest of buns on the top of her head, put on Dave’s old, stained Champion sweatpants, and Dave’s worn out Patriot’s shirt. Katie headed down the stairs and as she turned the corner she saw Dave. He was standing there with roses in his hand, all types of candles lit on their kitchenette table and music playing. She paused. She thought, “what day is today… May 14th.. May 14th is not special.” Then, she realized what was happening and immediately said, “NOW?!” as she looked down at her over-sized outfit and remembered the mascara smudged on her face that she was too lazy to completely take off. Dave just smiled at her with tears in his eyes. She continued to walk towards Dave because now was as good of time as any. Dave got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. OF COURSE she said yes! Needless to say, the green beans never got cooked and the scallops were burnt. They had left over cookies and a bottle of champagne for dinner and it was perfect.

Congratulations, Katie + Dave!! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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