Duxbury Beach Engagement Shoot :: Kendra + Dan :: with Lisa

Kendra  + Dan’s beach engagement shoot has it all: golden light, sandy toes, and a love for the ages!  There’s something about a beach that lets our stubbornness fade away… something Kendra shares in her love story with Dan…

“We met through mutual friends at homecoming weekend at our Alma Mater, UMass Amherst, which also happened to be around Halloween. The day we met he was dressed up as Lance Armstrong, tight bike shorts and all, and I was in the Tom Cruise ‘Risky Business’ outfit. We were with a huge group and a lot of us didn’t know each other but Dan and I became friends instantly–read: we shared apple cider donuts and pitchers of beer. When the weekend was over I knew we’d stay in touch, so I wasn’t surprised to hear from him a week later when he asked me on a date. I wasn’t interested in dating so I lied and said I was busy! But I’m glad I changed my mind! 🙂

He was the nicest guy I’d ever met,”too nice” I used to say, and I was stubborn for the longest time as I was about to start grad school and didn’t want to start a new relationship. We spent almost every day together that winter and I refused to call him my boyfriend. My friends thought I was being ridiculous. When I finally started school we were away for each other for a week and I realized how much I missed him..we were so happy to reunite, I knew we had to find a way to make it work!!

He was the best boyfriend during my two years of grad school. One time I remember him visiting me and he literally sat across the table and watched me study. My dad thought it was the strangest thing (“Dan are you bored? Can I get anything for you?”). My friends at school admired his thoughtfulness. He bought me a desk so I could study at his house and hang out with him on my study breaks. He quizzed me with flashcards and probably could’ve passed all of my tests. My mom jokes that he should’ve walked at my graduation!

We’ve now been together for four and a half years, lived together for three, and have an adorable chocolate lab named Riggins (clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose;)).

For about six months he would ask me a question and I’d think it was the big moment but really he was just asking what shirt he should wear! He knew I was expecting a proposal any minute and didn’t know how else to surprise me. In March I ran a half marathon in Virginia with my girlfriends. I was not a runner until recently and this was a bucket list item so I was really excited about it! He knew this. So he drove all the way down to Virginia Beach from Boston and showed up on my friend’s doorstep. I was so shocked, I was actually screaming!! Not even a cute scream. It was the best surprise. And then we celebrated with friends all weekend.

We are so excited to get married and continue this amazing adventure!”

Congratulations, Kendra + Dan!!  We can’t wait to celebrate your wedding next year!
xoxo, The OLAS Team

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