Editor’s Choice :: Catie + Justin’s Romantic Wedding in Forsyth, GA :: with Anna

You might remember the adorable Catie + Justin from their rustic southern engagement session a few months back (if you missed it, you can check it out here). Well, these two lovebirds tied the knot in June and got married in a beautiful, sincere ceremony at Forsyth United Methodist (the church where Justin grew up!) and celebrated with an absolutely stunning reception at Gallery 51. Our South Georgia/ North Florida photographer phenomenon Anna was there to capture the whole, incredible day. Catie calls herself a hopeless romantic, and wanted to achieve a classy, wispy look. She absolutely managed to pull this off with pearls and mercury glass, beautiful cabbage rose bouquets, and classic colors of blush and gray. Catie + Justin incorporated so many stunning details (the cake [mad credit to LisaMae Cakes]! that linen!), but they also let their personalities shine through in a big way (have you seen the duck cake below, a nod to the fact that Justin is an avid hunter? It looks too real to eat!). We also absolutely love the photos scattered throughout the decor at the reception. Catie + Justin, you guys really feel like family and it was such an honor to be a part of your engagement, and now marriage! Congrats on your gorgeous day! xoxo

Ceremony: Forsyth United Methodist Church; Reception: Gallery 51; Florist: Bloomin’ Bouquets; Cake: LisaMae Cakes; Caterer: Celebrations By Alexa; Entertainment: Cruise Control; Officiant: Ken Stephens; Dress Designer: Allure; Hair Stylist: Alison Yawn; Wedding Planner: Hilary Maloney

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