Editor’s Choice :: Emily + Jarrett’s Romantic Wedding in St. Augustine :: with Anna

Emily and Jarrett were married in late June at the unbelievably stunning Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, FL, with a reception following at The White Room. Our Southeast photographer wonder Anna was there to capture the magic, and we are positively giddy over the images she produced from E + J’s gorgeous wedding. For their wedding, E  + J wanted  a relaxed and celebratory day that is reflective of their personalities and relationship. They didn’t want a wedding that was packed full of details, but instead wanted all of the details they did include to be special. With a color palette of  peach, ivory and champagne, their wedding style was clean, classic, and just plain gorgeous! Jarrett was raised in St. Augustine (Emily is jealous of that, and so are we!), so their location was particularly meaningful. And seriously, is Emily not just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Her smile is just as contagious in real life as it looks in the photos!  We absolutely love E + J’s adorable “how we met” and proposal story…here it is, in Emily’s words:

So, Jarrett is the trainer for the Gator football team and I am finishing grad school at the University of Florida. Early in the football season, I was set-up with a co-worker of Jarrett’s and my friend was independently set-up with Jarrett. We quickly found out that we were all connected and decided to double-date. We all know where this is going…Jarrett’s life is crazy during football season, so the four of us grabbed dinner one night after practice. When we all got there we started chatting and Jarrett and I stole the conversation (not completely surprising). We stayed for several hours just laughing and enjoying the company. While I was immediately interested, I was not really expecting anything but a friendship out of Jarrett because of the potentially claimed territory. Over the next two days, I kept thinking of Jarrett and how much fun he was, and hoping that I would see him again. Later in that week, I was leaving class and Jarrett just got off work and we ran into each other on campus. Then that weekend, I had a few people over on Friday night and my friend ironically invited both guys from over. Jarrett and I were able to chat a little alone right as he arrived, and I boldly told him that I thought we would have fun together. He agreed and we haven’t gone one day without seeing each other!  

We have been together a little over a year, but I needed only a few hours to know he was my person. Over the summer, we began chatting about potential wedding belles, but as soon as football season started I assumed all wedding talk would be postponed. My birthday was early October and we went out to dinner one Sunday night to celebrate. Everything was very casual, and as we were driving home Jarrett said he needed to check the mail. He left the car to grab the mail (and put the ring in his hand). When he got back in the car he said that he loved spending time with me. He was trying to decide how to propose when I told him I loved him. He chirped back that he loved me more, and I bantered back with my natural sassy way that he should prove it. And he did! He opened his hand and asked me to be his best friend forever! And after lots of tears (and maybe a little wheezing), Jarrett said, “So, is that yes?”. Of course it was, and we have been celebrating since!

Emily + Jarrett, thank you so much for letting us be part of your incredibly beautiful day! We love you guys! xoxo

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