Flint Hill Wedding :: Ashley + Adam :: with Greta

Ashley + Adam’s wedding was absolutely impeccable!  Every detail was so perfectly THEM, so wonderfully thoughtful, and Greta captured it all with such grace and charm.

Ashley + Adam included so many special details – from the family bible engraved with their new last name to her god mother’s old handkerchief – and let’s not forget to mention that they wrote EVERY individual guest a letter that they received at their place setting.  SWOON!

We asked Ashley what it felt like to finally be a bride:
“It felt like a fairy tale.  Grace Armas, my hair stylist and makeup artist, did such an incredible job.  I cried… A LOT. And for the dress… well least to say, it felt like a dream.  It was so special because I had the three women who’ve created the woman I am today put me in the dress.  I am so happy that I had them there with me to create that moment.  Ah!  I am so lucky.

“[Seeing Adam for the first time] was so quiet but at the same time overwhelming! I must have been walking really fast because my dad squeezed my arm and told me to slow down… but all I wanted was to be up there with him. Overall the moment was indescribable!

“When Adam said his vows […]  That moment pinched me.  It felt so real.  Adam and I have been together over seven years and those vows made everything we’ve been through so special.  Those vows paved the way for our future.”

And, of course, we always love to know what people love most about working with their (once like a spark) photographer:

“Greta helped make the day even more special.  She was very quick and calm throughout the entire day which helps every bride!  It was such a joy to work with her.”

Congratulations, Ashley + Adam!!  We are SO thrilled for you two!  Xoxo, The OLAS Team

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