Flint Hill Wedding :: Emma + Hunter :: with Morgan

Flint Hill is always a favorite venue for us to shoot – classic and so timelessly Southern!  Emma + Hunter’s wedding was no different.  Every detail was flawlessly executed and Morgan perfectly captured the feeling of the whole day… pure JOY!

Of course, we always love to catch up with our couples and see what it is that they remember most from their wedding… we loved hearing from Emma:


What’s the one moment you remember, above all, about your wedding day?  What made it feel so special/memorable?
After the ceremony, we had a private meal together. It was the only time where we were able to be together just the two of us and to let it soak in that we were finally married!


What did it feel like to see your future spouse for the first time on your wedding day?
It was the most overwhelming rush of positive emotion. We decided to wait to see each other as Emma was walking down the aisle, but it was still an intimate moment for both of us to see each other for the first time.

What did you love most about your photographer?
Morgan was so fun and easy to be around. When we would go off to take pictures, it didn’t feel like we were being taken away from the rest of the wedding. It simply felt like we were just going to hang out with our friend Morgan (who also took pictures of us)!

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