Frogtown Cellars Wedding in Dahlonega, GA :: Nicole + Seiji :: with Shain

Timeless, romantic, and stunning… Nicole + Seiji’s wedding day was the perfect blend of classic + natural beauty.  The entire day had such an intimate and emotional feel – the details were stunning but they didn’t overpower the intention of the day and we LOVED that!  These two accounts met at work – both in the same firm and seeing each other in passing day in and day out.  Seiji noticed Nicole first and asked her to hang out… and made their first hangout not only totally fun but so incredibly romantic!  About a year later, Seiji proposed on New Year’s Eve, at the stroke of midnight, with his grandmother’s ring and it was the beginning of something truly special.  We’re so thrilled to share just a few of our favorite moments from this special day and the beginning of these newlyweds’ journey together.

Nicole said, “I kept waiting for the nerves to hit me, but they never did. I was so excited the whole day getting ready, and I couldn’t wait to see Seiji dressed up and looking extra handsome. When it was time for the ceremony to begin, I was waiting, tucked away, for my turn to walk down the aisle with my dad. Finally, it was time, and as my eyes welled up with happy tears, my dad and I finally made our way down the aisle. Everything else faded away, and all I could see was Seiji. It was like being in a dream- I don’t remember the music or seeing our friends and family in the pews or the gorgeous flowers. I know all of those things were there, but walking down the aisle it was just Seiji. 

One of my favorite moments of the day was when we were waiting to be announced for our first dance. We were hiding around the corner so no one would see us, but peeking into our reception to get a glimpse of everything. It was so fun to get to see everything and talk with each other before making our big entrance. After so many months of planning and hoping everything would come together how we envisioned it, Frogtown Cellars looked more beautiful than we could have imagined and made even more so seeing our family and friends mingling and enjoying a glass of wine. That quiet moment together was so lovely and perfect opportunity to soak in the fact that we were married!!!

Our team at OLAS was the perfect compliment to our perfect day. Shain and the whole team were so relaxed and easy to work with. Their warm, laid-back demeanor set us all at ease from the very beginning and were so easy and fun to work with. From ducking under the grape vines to get to the perfect vantage spot to setting  up a special shot looking up at the porch where the dance floor was, they were so invested in our day and making sure we had amazing photos and video to capture the celebration. I am so happy OLAS was part of our special day!”

Congratulations, Nicole + Seiji!  xoxo, The OLAS Team

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