Highlights :: Avery + Kevin’s Engagement at Minute Man Park in Concord, MA :: with Graham

Avery + Kevin have the absolute best love story!! Avery said this  ::  We met in the band! I’m a drummer and he plays the oboe among other things. At the end of freshman year of college, I (Avery) ended up unexpectedly joining the wind symphony’s tour to Toronto because a buddy of mine had forgotten his passport and they needed another percussionist to fill in. I knew Kevin from pep band but we hadn’t ever really talked. Anyway, we ended up in Canada and I tagged along with Kevin’s friends for our first night of exploring. The next day he went to go talk to our mutual friend Mo and ask, “do you think she likes me?” 10 minutes later, and without any knowledge of their conversation, I go see Mo and ask her, “do you think he likes me?” Long story short, the answers were Yes and Yes, and we started dating within a few days.  ::  We are so glad they both answered yes!! We can’t wait to watch these lovebirds get married. xoxo


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