Highlights :: Caitlyn + Brennan’s Engagement in Macon, Ga :: with Kayla

Caitlyn + Brennan are so darn adorable!! This is what Caitlyn said of meeting her sweetie  ::  We met on Tinder. Weird, we know. Brennan is from Orlando, Florida and I am from Macon, Georgia. After matching and texting for a month, he finally decided it was time to come meet me. So he came up to Macon February 14, 2015. We met each others families and friends and knew we wanted this thing even though it would mean long distance. We became official on March 6, 2015. We have traveled back and forth every weekend since and it has been worth every mile! :: We love it so!! C + B actually just got married a few days ago and we are so looking forward to seeing their gorgeous day on our blog!! See y’all soon. xoxo


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