Highlights :: Cori + Chase’s Engagement in Nashville, TN :: with Josie

Cori + Chase are engaged and they are the most fun!! Cori told us the story of how she met Chase  ::  Chase and I met online through Match. com 3 years ago. It’s funny because we forget that we met online. I just moved to Kentucky for grad school the month before, and I was living with three other girls who I was assigned to live with. Two of the girls had boyfriends, and one just started casually dating someone. After not really digging how guys looked and acted at the bar scene, I decided to give online dating a chance. When I first signed on and filled in my profile, I was given a list of matches by pictures, and Chase was one of the first people listed. I thought he was cute and liked what he wrote in his profile. He “liked” (similar to on Facebook) some of my pictures, but he never messaged me. I wound up going on a few dates with someone else, but when I ended that, I was still thinking about getting to know Chase, so I messaged him! We chatted for a week until he asked me on our first date (which he almost backed out on) and were exclusive a week later. We just had an instant connection.  ::  We absolutely love when a couple is clearly just meant to be! Warms our hearts. Cori + Chase, we love you both!! xoxo


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