Highlights :: Diane + Ryan Engagement at Roswell, GA :: with Alex

Diane + Ryan’s Roswell, Ga engagement session, with Alex, is so very wonderful!! We asked Diane how she met her fiance and we just love this story :: Ryan and I have known each other since middle school. We grew up 5 minutes down the street from each other. We went to high school together and graduated the same year. We didn’t date in high school, and weren’t particularly close, but we did have mutual friends (we even went to prom in the same group. My date was his best friend in high school). After graduation, Ryan went to school at American University on soccer scholarship. I stayed here and attended Kennesaw State. After graduation, Ryan went to New Zealand for about 6 months to do some traveling before moving back to Atlanta. After I graduated, I stayed in Atlanta and began work. Fast forward 10 years post high school graduation, I received an email from Ryan on Facebook asking me to help him out with a pitch at work he was doing for Nike. I just assumed he was sending this “blanket” email out to tons of people, but as it turns out, I was one of the select few. It turns out I couldn’t make the interview, but I received another email a few days later from Ryan asking me to drinks. We met at King and Duke in Buckhead and, after not seeing each other for 10 years, sat and talked for 4 hours. We’ve been dating ever since.  :: Diane + Ryan, we cannot wait to watch you two get married!! xoxo

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