Highlights :: Elise + Carlos’ Engagement at Ponce City Market in Atlanta, GA :: with Greta

Elise + Carlos are getting married and we are so, so happy for them!! We asked Elise to tell us how she met her sweetie and we love their story so much  ::  Carlos and I have been together for about 3 years and met at work. We met one day in the work cafe where he joined a group of friends I was eating lunch with. I was immediately drawn to his big beautiful smile, outgoing personality, and willingness to strike up a conversation with a stranger, like me. He told me he loved by name and asked me about my experience at the company so far.  After meeting and chatting over lunch, we parted ways, and a month later, Carlos took a job abroad in London and I continued to work state side. As I got further into my role, I was always interested in living and working abroad so I decided to reach out to Carlos to understand what life was like in London. Our discussions were always very professional at first, and then after a few months of chatting via email, I asked him to Skype me one evening. That first Skype session lasted 6 hours! I remember loving his laugh and that great smile, and finding myself sharing things with him that I wouldn’t normally share with someone. He made me feel so comfortable and at ease, and I just loved his energy. Needless to say after our first Skype call, we were kind of addicted to each other. Straight up puppy love!  ::  How cute is that story?!? Elise + Carlos, we love you both so very much!! Congrats. xoxo


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