Highlights :: Justine + Bourke Engagement at Skidaway Island State Park in Savannah, GA :: with Tyler

Justine + Bourke’s engagement session is completely and utterly out of this world!! We asked Justine how she met her sweetie and we just love it so  ::  Bourke and I met on the dance floor of a friend’s wedding in February 2015 in Savannah. The groom was a childhood friend of Bourke’s and a college friend of mine. The bride was in my pledge class at UGA and one of my best friends. When we met, Bourke lived in Florida and I lived in North Carolina. He got my number after the wedding, and we talked every day on the phone for about a month. Bourke at the time was the captain for a yacht out of Sarasota, and he finally convinced me that I should come visit. Convincing me wasn’t too hard… even if it didn’t work out between us, then at least I got to stay on a really awesome boat for a weekend! I visited him in early March 2015, and we’ve been together every since!  ::  We love hearing amazing stories like this one and we cannot wait to watch them get married!! xoxo

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