Highlights :: Kaela + Jeremiah’s Engagement at Lullwater Preserve in Atlanta, GA :: with Nikki

Kaela + Jeremiah are a couple of the cutest loves we have ever seen!! Their engagement session at Lullwater, with Nikki, is pure magic. We asked Kaela how she met her sweetie and their story is so super sweet  ::  Jeremiah and I met through a mutual friend named Kaitlin. Kaitlin and I went to high school together and stayed friends after college as well and she also worked with Jeremiah at Bricktops for several years. I was busy working during our fall “busy season” at an accounting firm and ended up not having to work late on a Friday night. I called my friend Kaitlin to see if she wanted to meet up for some drinks that night – which she did.. and out we went! While we were having drinks with a few other friends at Meehan’s (I was unaware at the time) she had invited some other friends of hers to meet us out (Jeremiah was in this group). We all left Meehans and headed out to the “Buckhead Bars”. As the night progressed Kaitlin and other friends found their way to the dance floor while Jeremiah and I stayed in a booth with everyone’s belongings. We started talking and really hit it off. We met back up a couple days later for dinner and have been together ever since.  ::  Love these two, their sweet story and even more so their lovely engagement photos. xoxo


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