Highlights :: Leslie + Faradan’s Wedding at The Pretty Place and Larkin’s Saw Mill in Greenville, SC :: with Jen

At what point did you feel the most joyful on your wedding day  ::  It’s super hard to pick just one moment, when the entire day was nothing short of AMAZING!  But here goes one- I thoroughly enjoyed our horse-drawn carriage ride through downtown Greenville at the end of the evening. My husband (ooo that sounds good!) wasn’t too fond of this idea initially, but of course he made it happen because that’s what I wanted!  He ended up really enjoying it though.  We had a ball with Jen, our videographer, & the coachman!  I’m sure we broke plenty traffic laws by jumping on & off the carriage in the middle of the street, but hey- you don’t have to follow the rules when your vehicle of choice is a horse!  All the cameras & cheers from bystanders downtown added a nice touch to the experience, but the best part was when we were alone & I just sat back in my husband’s arms thinking, “Life is good!”   

What was your favorite detail from your wedding  ::  My husband and I had already discussed exchanging letters on the morning of, but little did I know my matron of honor had a little more planned! Loren surprised me by having everyone in our bridal party write a personal letter to me.  This literally meant the world to me!  Although I only got to read a few letters in front of the camera, I spent time reading everyone’s letters when we arrived home from our honeymoon.  Oftentimes we walk through life not truly knowing the impact we have on others.  So it felt great to read everyone’s thoughts of me as a person, along with their well-wishes for our journey together as husband & wife.

Leslie + Faradan, we love you both so much! Congrats. xoxo

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  • Lartharee ThompsonHi, it is an honor to share the Thompson name w/ my daughter in law. Leslie Thompson I love you to the Moon and back. Your mother in law. Lartharee ThompsonReplyCancel

  • Michelle NorrisThis preview is amazing!!! I absolutely love what I see in these pictures- AN ENDLESS LOVE!! Continue to enjoy this beautiful journey for what God has ordained is GOOD!! Love you my daughter and my ‘new’ son.ReplyCancel