Highlights :: Liz + Allan’s Engagement at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Ga :: with Morgan

Liz + Allan have the best love story ::  In 7th grade we met within the halls of our Middle School. We were friends throughout our years in high school but we became much closer when we left for college. Late night phone calls and visits to each other were frequent, but it only was out of friendship. We both grew very fond of each other, but the timing never seemed quite right. After Elizabeth found out she would be attending Georgia Tech in Atlanta, they reconnected when she reached out for help around the city. Three and a half years later, Allan is a CPA, Elizabeth has her Masters in Architecture and they are engaged to be married. Who knew these two frizzy-haired, braced teeth, and awkward 7th graders would one day find each other as husband and wife! :: Wow!! We love this so much and we absolutely can’t wait to watch these two middle school buddies get married!! xoxo


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