Highlights :: Marc + Emily’s Engagement at Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta, Ga :: with Nikki

Marc + Emily are so, so sweet and they have such an amazing love story  ::  This is Marc writing this, so hopefully that will make it easier to follow. We actually met when we were in kindergarten, as my mother taught Emily in Kindergarten. We were in first grade together and have a few drawings we made during that time where we actually mention the other. I moved in the third grade from Conyers GA to Cherokee County GA, and Emily always wondered where I went. Fast forward to 2010, and we are both attending freshman orientation at Georgia Tech. Out of a few dozen groups, Emily and I happened to be in the same orientation group. In one of the ice breaker games, we had to go around and tell everyone our names and where we were from, and when Emily said Rockdale County, and I knew that that was his excuse to go over and talk to the cutest girl in my group. So in one of the breaks I got up the courage to go over and talk to Emily and I started out by introducing himself personally and then I said “you said you are from Rockdale county, And I’m from Rockdale county! What elementary school did you go to?” to which she replied “Barksdale”, then I said, “I went to Barksdale! Who was your Kindergarten teacher?” Emily said “Mrs. Hayes” to which I replied “Thats my mom!”, she then looked at me and said “Marc?” After all those years she still remembered my name. We became really close friends over our first semester of college, and when it came around to valentines day of 2011 we officially started dating. I asked her to marry me on the Georgia Tech football field on November 1st, 2015. Everything Has truly been a fairy tale!  :: Love, love, love this story and these two lovebirds!! Marc + Emily, we can’t wait for your wedding in just a few months!! See you soon. xoxo


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