Highlights :: Meagan + Brandon’s Engagement in Charlotte, NC :: with Stefanie

Meagan + Brandon are some of the cutest loves we have ever seen!! These two have the coolest love story ever  ::  Brandon and I met through a mutual friend in college during Brandon’s Senior year (my Junior year). He was dating someone else at the time but we immediately connected as friends and stayed in touch after he graduated, occasionally seeing each other in Chapel Hill during football/basketball game weekends. Fast forward 2 years later: Brandon lived in Charlotte working as a healthcare consultant and I lived in Washington, DC, also working for a healthcare consulting firm. My best friend lived in Charlotte too so whenever I came to visit her, I would usually see Brandon (they were also friends). One week night in DC, I FaceTimed Kate, and she and Brandon were out together with friends enjoying a few cold beverages. They both asked me when I was coming to visit again and I jokingly replied, “how about next weekend?!” Little did I know that I would wake up the next morning to a plane ticket in my inbox booked by you know who…Brandon!. I flew down, thanked him with a nice bottle of scotch and enjoyed a weekend with Kate, totally clueless that this guy may have a crush on me. He didn’t make any moves after all…such a gentleman. A few months later the invitations went out for my annual company Christmas party and who did I invite? Brandon! We had a great time dancing the night away and that’s what really kicked off our relationship. Here we are 3 years later (4 by the time we get married) tying the knot!   :: How sweet is that?! Meagan + Brandon, we absolutely cannot wait for your wedding day!! xoxo


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