Hudson, NH Engagement Session at Benson Park :: Amber + Matthew :: With David

Amber + Matthew met their first year of college in the lobby of a mutual friends dorm. It’s actually a pretty cute story because Matthew could not remember Amber’s after they first met so he went through all of his friends year books trying to locate her before they ran into each other again! He obviously found out who she was because now they have been together for over five years!

Their engagement session at Benson Park was so romantic and inspiring! We recently caught up with Amber to ask her more about their relationship and wedding plans…

Q: Is there a moment in your dating history that stands out above the rest?

A: “I would say that moment may be right now – Since Matt & I have gotten engaged we have had a different relationship. I’ve been told it’s the “Honeymoon stage” and wears off, but Matt and I spend more time now laughing, joking, being weird together and making memories than we ever have before. We truly are the best of friends and it’s wonderful!”

Q: What did you love most about your engagement shoot?  Your photographer?

A: “What we loved most about our engagement shoot was how David & his wife went out of their way to make sure Matt and I got the photos we wanted with the props we brought!”

Q: What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?

A: “Matt and I are looking forward most to spending time with the people that have made us who we are today – and starting our lives together surrounded by them. We’re really excited for all the great food, dancing & memory making we get to look forward to that night & Of course, the honeymoon!”

Q: Any tips for other engaged brides who are hiring their vendors or starting the planning process?

A: “My advice for any other engaged brides hiring vendors would be to stop stressing over the little details. Your vendors are important & you should really spend time finding one that fits you best or you won’t like their work.  As far as the planning process – when I first got engaged, I felt like everyone was flying at me with their own ideas and expected me to use them. It was stressful to say the least! But once I got on track and started looking at things I knew I wanted, planning became so much easier. It’s not worth stressing over the little details about the wedding; they won’t be the most important things on your wedding day.”

Congratulations Amber + Matthew! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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