Illinois Wedding at The Haight :: Kristin + Dominic :: with Isaac

“First, we had a really wonderful day, the team was great, and Isaac was great. I was very impressed with him, and many family members complimented me on how wonderful he and the team were that day. 😉 

I remember a very stressful start to the day, but it smoothed over after hair and makeup got going. I wanted the day to slow down! After every bridesmaid was done, and my hair and makeup were done, I didn’t want to put my dress on because it meant that the day was flying by, and I love to milk days like these. I enjoyed the time it took to get me dressed by my girls and mom, and it was very special to have them there at this beautiful moment. I had no nerves whatsoever. I wasn’t nervous to get married, the ceremony, that things would go right, it was all going to be great no matter how it turned out. I was very excited to meet Dominic for our first look. It happened much faster than I played through it in my mind. It felt brief, but I could live in the hugs and kisses of our first look all day. There was so much love and anticipation in that moment. When we moved inside, I loved chilling out in the bridal suite with everyone. It sort of felt like we were in a play waiting to go on stage. It was relaxed and easy, and we swooned over our pup, Chip, in his suit. Sidenote – he was so hot from being outside for pictures that he walked down the aisle (and I think barked at our flower girl to hurry up down the aisle) that he plopped at the end of the aisle and laid so nicely during the ceremony. Dom and I were worried how he would do, but he did fantastically! It was also special to have a few aunties and special friends to come up to the bridal suite before the ceremony for their own first look. Those were special moments that I will carry with me forever. 
I loved listening to the toasts – I watch the best man speech often because it’s on facebook but I also look forward to watching them all again. I also loved the great DJ and hot mess dancing and celebrating that we did. The team did a great job of being in the middle of the action. I’ve very glad that we choose to have Chip a part of the day. He’s our first baby, so I’m glad that we will have so many wedding pictures to remember him many years from now. I also highly recommend having a coordinator to assist across all of the vendors. I didn’t want to know or be bothered with things got off track, just someone to manage it and make a decision for me. Amy Kozyra (#AWEvents) did a great job as a florist and coordinator and went above and beyond to coordinate our coffee and late night snack (Popeye’s) when we didn’t have plates!  
Being married isn’t a whole lot different than us before we were married. I felt for a long time this level of commitment and connection, and we lived it for a long time prior to the wedding. I was very excited to change my name and make the three of us (Chip!) a family in the Zuccarelli name, and now be able to say, “my husband”. We moved into our first place together in January and I have been waiting to decorate because I knew I wanted lots of weddings prints up, so that’s next on our list, and Christmas albums for our parents.”

Congratulations, Kristin + Dominic!  xoxo, The OLAS Team

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