Indigo Falls Events Wedding :: Brittney + Tyler :: with Alex

Brittney + Tyler’s wedding at Indigo Falls Events is bringing the happy tears!  Soft, romantic florals, muted textiles, and the most beautiful rainfall… their day was one for the books!  Alex was there to capture it all and even talked them into a little session in the rain for some time alone and, of course, epic photos!  Of course, we had to catch up with Brittney and see what she had to say about their best day ever…

Tell us about your wedding day… how did it feel to see all of your planning come together?
Our wedding day was absolutely perfect! All of the nerves went away and I was just so excited and focused on marrying Tyler! I forgot about all of the stress, little details and worries and just enjoyed the moment. It was incredible!

Is there one moment you remember, above all, about your wedding day?
Not necessarily one moment, but the thing I remember most was celebrating with our family and friends. It sounds so cliche, but turning around during the ceremony to see all of our family and friends there to celebrate us was touching. We had a blast with everyone that entire day and we are so thankful for everyone who came to celebrate us!

What did you love most about your photographer?

Alex was amazing! He wasn’t afraid to take charge and get everyone in the right place at the right time. He also encouraged us to sneak out during our reception to take some pictures in the rain and we are so glad he did! It was such a fun moment for us to be able to sneak away for some alone time together.

Congratulations, Brittney + Tyler!!  xoxo, The OLAS Team


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