Isle of Palms, SC Wedding :: Madison + David :: With Morgan

Madison + David met while they were both hanging out at a bar in Charleston. Sparks flew as soon as they introduced themselves and they became inseparable from that point on! They dated for a little over three years before David realized that it was time to pop the question. He proposed on Sullivan’s Island while they were surrounded by their friends and family!

They recently tied the knot at Harborside East, a premier waterfront venue in South Carolina that made for such a unique and elegant celebration! We talked to Madison + David after the wedding to hear about what made their day so special…

Q: Tell us about your wedding!  How would you describe the overall vibe/feeling of your day?

Madison: “It was such a special day! As we were introduced for our reception on the patio, we were so excited to see all our family and friends there to celebrate with us. We are so thankful for all of their love and support.”

David: “Once in a lifetime day.  Exciting and happy celebrations marrying the love of my life.”

Q: Is there a moment that stands out above the rest, now that you’ve been married for a few weeks?

Madison: “It was such a special moment walking down the aisle with my father towards David. The Charleston harbor was beautiful in the background and I was so excited to see my groom.”

David: “The first dances were my favorite part.”

Q: What does it feel like to finally be married?

Madison: “Married life is the best. We are excited for the adventure that lies ahead and so thankful to have each other.”

David:  “It feels great to be married.  I love Madison and it is exciting to finally call her my wife.”

Congratulations Madison + David!! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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