Lake Lanier Engagement Shoot :: Blake + Ben :: with Alex

What a GORGEOUS day on the lake for Blake + Ben’s engagement shoot with Alex!!  We can’t wait for their wedding in September!

How they met:

“We met on the day of my interview at [work.] Ben had a custom of staring down the interviewees on their walk to the manager’s office- (he has a very dry sense of humor and likes to mess with people).  Typically people would avoid eye contact out of awkwardness, but apparently, I stared right back at him with a big grin on my face. He then turned to his friend and said: “She will be mine!”  So after that, it was your typical story of flirting at work, but a few months went by before we actually started seeing each other outside of work, and eventually dating.  We’ve been together since spring of 2014, a little over 3 years, and we both still work at [the same place…]”

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