Lake Wallenpaupack Engagement Session :: Ava + PJ :: with Christian B.

“It was 5 days after PJs birthday on a perfect fall day and there I was at my parent’s house decorating for PJs surprise birthday that I had been planning for a month. All of our friends and family were in the backyard waiting to surprise PJ and it was a total success! Then he goes up on the patio to give his thank you speech and asks me to come up beside him. At the time all I kept thinking to myself was, “Damn. He’s talking for a while. When is he done? I’m hungry!”

Then PJ says “Ava hasn’t changed since we met.  First, we were friends, then best friends, then boyfriend and girlfriend and hopefully one day my fiancé.” Once I heard fiancé I instantly replied: “it’s a birthday party!” Not knowing what was going to happen next. Next thing you know I see PJ reach in his jacket and in his hand is a small black box. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!
It turns out PJ and our parents tricked me into thinking I was throwing him a surprise party when indeed it was a surprise engagement for me!”
Congratulations, Ava + PJ!  xoxo, The OLAS Team
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