Lakeside at Welch Estate in Powhatan, VA :: Megan + Steven :: with Nikki T.

“Our wedding day started out hectic and rainy, without much hope for our lakeside wedding on the dock. The call was made based on the radar to have the ceremony under the tent,  but as I was hidden away in my dress in the bridal suite I was brought to tears that even as guests were arriving the team at the venue was setting up everything again and the skies cleared just in time. There was light sprinkle during our family unity and as Steven said vows to my oldest son, letting us know our loved ones who have passed (we lost both of my grandmother’s and Steven’s mother within 8 months of each other last year) were right there with us during those moments. I remember walking from the cottage house to the dock, eyes locked on Steven and everything else seemed to disappear. He is my past (we dated previously), my present and my future.  The DJ pointed out (unknowingly to us as we danced our first dance and paid no attention to anything else) that the sun even broke through the clouds during that moment, and stated how strong our love must be to bring out the sun after the rain for days. Our cake collapsed, but that didn’t matter, it’s just cake and we fed it to each other later at home and got to stage some photos with Nikki at the venue. Plus, it tasted AMAZING and I got to eat cake for a week. Most people would have freaked out at all that went “wrong” that day, but to us our day was perfect. It was us…our family and friends, 2 of our boys slept through the whole ceremony, hectic, chaos but yet when it came down to it none of that matters and lots of little things went “wrong ” in most people’s eyes, but not to us. They were all just part of our evergoing story and memories made to later tell our own grandkids about. And it truly was such an honor to be the first ever wedding at our venue and work with all of our awesome vendors. We loved every minute of it and wouldn’t change a thing. 

Nikki T. was amazing to work with and we absolutely loved her!
Steven and I are best friends. We are a team and truly bring out the best in one another. It is an honor to now call him not only my best friend but my husband and to share his last name. It was a long time coming, but we did it and couldn’t be happier!”

Congratulations, Megan + Steven!!  xoxo, The OLAS Team 

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